Thursday, September 8, 2011


CX practice tonight, roanoke park, starts at 6, ends at 6:45. I've been running a little. Ran 10 minutes 2 nights ago and then 10 minutes the following morning. Pretty sore from shin splints and stomach aches. I feel pretty out of shape when it comes to things not having to do with riding a bike. Being able to do a bunch of situps, or ab workouts is pretty challenging, plus running itself is hard. I'm going to try and take it slow. I hate doing workouts off the bike, they just aren't fun, and don't seem to make me feel faster. I've got a little weight to lose so its time I switch it up. The back of my mind is how bad the runup on saturday's jingle cross was. I was 2nd going into it, and a bunch of skinny dudes just ran up this hill, leaving me in the dust.

check it at around 2:35. Its one thing, that you are riding up a hill, and dudes way stronger than you just ride a way, like at the Lawrence circuit race, its an awesome feeling, like you think your brakes are rubbing and your tires are flat, but they aren't, you're just too slow, but when you get off the bike, and kids just run a way from you, that makes you feel really slow.

Some people hate this feeling, I kind of enjoy it when it long as it doesn't happen that often.

I've got
this frameset for sale, $600, its really light, size is 54 but fits like a 57 or so.

Also gota Small focus mares disc frameset for $500, and a blue norcross sp xs frameset for $450.

Grifo 34s and 30s are only $45, tubulars!

Attack clincher Wheelset, 2011, Carbon! $850

This is a grand, made in America.

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  1. WRT the Jingle Cross run up, it's worth noting that Jingle cross is the last weekend of November. Most amateur crossers peak, fitness wise, about Oct 30th, and then start loosing fitness rapidly, due to the time change, and lack of training hours. So this year, when the clocks go back on 6 Nov, you should start riding threshold intervals on your trainer, and run 2-3 mile per day. That's what I'll be doing *wink* *fingers crossed*