Friday, September 9, 2011


Practice went pretty well last night. We did 3 little 8-10 minute races I think. Barriers, run ups, turns, it was good. Didn't really bs around and "Practice" or clinic. Simply showed up and got going at race speed and didn't really stop. I raced my single speed, it was good at 34/16 for hilly roanoke, but I spun out as soon as I hit 18mph or so, going to get the 32/14 going soon. Parts are in.

I built up my blue yesterday. I bought the frame used, broken for $600, its normally $2400 so I think I got a good deal. Its 15 lbs as it sits, but those aren't my wheels, those are Matt O'neil wheels. I've got tufo flexus tires weighing 200 grams less than Challenge, reynolds/c-4 wheels weighing 340 grams less, ti skewers, 50 grams less, so we should be sitting at about 14lbs by the time I get the ti shorty eggbeater pedals on there.

Ritchey wcs classic bars, round, there is no other substitute.

Kind of nice when a customer comes in asks for new black bar tape on his bike when there is $35 yellow lizard skins tape on it looking I take it off, put it in plastic bag, toss it in the closet, and 4 months later I have a black/yellow bike that will work with the tape.

Sram 1x10 setup, Red right lever with gore kit, sram aluminum left lever, apex r. derailleur, all for $350.

Exactly 36cm of rear cable housing(yokozuna white). Sram wouldn't shift with any less.

K EDGE! ITs basically the best set up for 1x10. They make beautiful parts. Here you see the 39t, last year I ran 42t, but I think I'll be happy with 39, we'll see. The taper on the seat tube gets bigger by the bb, so any normal chain guard wouldn't fit low enough for the 39t, so K edges double chain guard is ideal.

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