Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CX SS Wheels

Didn't have time to get my ss bike ready for Universe CX, but I did have time to get my wheels ready.

28h alpha 340 rims with velocity road hubs and sapim laser 2.0/1.5 spokes. $400, 1340 grams. 2 thin strips of stan's tape, then I wanted to experiment with caffelatex.

I used Piranha tubeless tires, my favorite clincher tires. 390 grams, but go tubeless the best, plus its a fast tread that works good even in the wet.

I used caffelatex first. Tire didn't seat and had a big hop on the opposite side of the valve stem. Did all the tricks and still no pop. I road it over to office max and back and still, big hop.

So I used stan's on the front, crack/crack, right at 38psi. Perfect.

Cleaned out the latex and used stan's on the back, crack/crack, perfect.

I raced the alpha wheels on my blue sl for the Universe race. It went really well. The wheels were plenty stiff and at 35psi the tires gripped great. I won the race. Hopefully I will have my carbon wheels glued by next wednesday, if I go to gateway cup...anyone going?

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  1. i'll go block for you at gateway if you're doing SS