Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blue SL

Ended up swapping out the K-edge parts and put some $5 plastic seatpost mount chain guard and put an fsa carbon outer ring guard, plus added the 42t from the 39, I'm more comfortable on the 42t.

Bike weighs 14.4 lbs with ti eggbeaters right now. Makes me want to make it lighter, not much else I can do though, maybe another lb.

Easton Carbon Bars, $250, 190 grams( $75 wcs classic bars are 240grams)

Easton Carbon Stem, $250, 100 grams, (wcs stem is 128 grams)

THESE would drop another 100 grams off my current race wheelset.

Eggbeater 4ti pedals, cost $300, but saves 30 grams.

Those all look like not a lot of weight, but when combined it adds up. 1/2 lb. at least.

Plust I could always completely dissassemble the bike, and have Spray Booth sodablast the whole thing to bare carbon. Take off all that clearcoat and paint is at least 240 grams.

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