Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Race.

Finally got the 1st race out of the way. 48miles in bazaar, ks. Lots of dudes from ok showed up flying. We were doing pretty good for the first 15 miles, then we turn and we were doing35-45 mph for about 14 miles, then a group of 3 got away, I stayed in the front keeping them in sight for a few miles when a lady ran over the last rider in our group. We all stopped to make sure he was ok, by then, the 3 riders advantage went from 20 seconds to 3 minutes. I didn't feel like racing but finished ok with the group.

Road the 90mm 12/16h 1400 gram easton tubulars with rubino pro tires. They were flying. The rubino pro tires are cheap, light, and a little stronger than the corsas. I'm saving the corsas for some stiffer wheels I'll use for crits.

The past few weeks have been crazy busy. Lots of bikes being repaired at volker bicycles and Benon is getting bigger and louder. I am now offering free labor to racers. If you have a uscf license, come in and hold my baby while I work on your bike. I'm sick of seeing these bikes in 1/2/3 fields with bent rims and noisy derailleurs, if your sponsors aren't taking care of your bikes, I'll do it for free if you hold my baby and keep him from being loud.

This weekend is a toss up between bonebender 3/6 hour mtn. bike and stage race in herman. Not really into doing a 90mile road race on sunday so I'll probably stay around here for bonebender.

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