Monday, April 19, 2010


Got 3rd in BoneBender at smithville on Sunday. A 3 hour mtn. bike race, with a 11.5 mile course, ended up doing 3 laps in 3:07. The first lap was a lot of fun, the lemons start with 250 riders was interesting with everyone throwing bows, shoveling and kicking shins. Once the bikes were mounted it was a cx start for the trail, I was in the top 20 going in. All the categories started together so not many new who was doing duo 6 hour, solo 6 hour or solo 3 hour. I was doing solo 3 hour. After 5 miles in I was in a good place after passing a few guys. I was feeling a burning in my right hand and new a huge blister was forming. Pretty soon we hit the rock section and I smashed my left pedal. I broke it. I was stuck for the rest of the race clipped into just 1 pedal. Next I dropped my chain. I put the bike together the day before(a sweet dragon 29er frame, 853 tubing for my brother) and couldn't find an n'gear or chain stop for the inside of the front 33t crankset(I was running 1x9). This would lead to my chain popping off a billion times, or 20. First lap was right around 1 hour, I was in 2nd place but had no idea. Going through I grabbed my pack of clif blocks and had 2 of the little guys, but forgot to get water. At this point I was ready to just finish the race. My back/arms/hands were dying. My legs felt awesome. I spent a lot of time sprinting out of corners and coasting for a while, kind of training myself for the crit racing I will be doing later on this season. I ignored my chain, I wouldn't let it get me down, I just came to the conclusion that it would just happen and I would have to just ride harder. I kept trading spots with lots of guys who'd I pass, but then with the chain off they would pass me. Half way through the 2nd lap I crashed hard by the lake. Lots of rocks and off camber along the lake and I was by myself going too fast and went over my bars, twisting my bars 45 degrees to the right. I finished the next 7 miles with my bars sideways and luckily someone had a multi tool at the start/finish. Last lap I could feel my legs cramp up, I could barely feel my brakes. I have always used hydraulic juicy 3's on my ss exile 29er but on this bike I had mechanicals, which wore my hands down fast. My arms were dying and I could barely get through the last lap. I was still in 2nd with a big gap going into the 3rd lap but lost it and ended up losing by 1 minute. While I was either fixing my derailleur or putting the chain back on a group of 4 passed me, the 2nd place finisher must have been there. Hands and arms are pretty sore but everything else is great. I was very surprised how well my back held up. All in all the race was great, weather perfect, and good people there too.

In the pic above you see me wearing a green tee and wind vest. That t is made of bamboo and sewn together by swrve in the usa. It is awesome, breaths and wicks like wool, but is much stronger. It is what I have been wearing all the time and works.

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