Sunday, February 14, 2010

Road Bike

I almost road this for GOTHR today, luckily, I did not. Ended up riding through a blizzard for 3 hours with the snow turning to water as soon as it hit the ground, meaning our bikes were covered with ice by the time the ride finished. Steve and I road our track bikes again which were much easier to clean and way more fun to beat up. With the temperature being 24 degrees it was not very comfortable and I don't think anyone was in high spirits, but the work had to be done.

Back to the bike. This is an xenith sl model, the superlight 900 gram frame with bb30 and 11/8 to 11/2 tapered headtube. It is super stiff and smooth. This bike has 7900 on it. I have been riding sram since the debut of rival and I love it. I must say I don't absolutely hate the 7900, in fact, it is 10x better than 7800. But I will be going back to sram once my road season kicks in once April arrives. Anyone want a complete da 7900 group of $1200?

Wheels=are awesome. I love wheels, and these are the best I've seen so far. 1460 gram full carbon clinchers with sapim bladed cx-ray spokes, and super smooth ceramic bearings. Most people who know carbon wheels wonder what's different with these? How are they different from Hed, zipp, reynolds, and Mavic? They are lighter...stiffer...and braking...braking is phenomenal! After a few descents down state line or Rainbow Blvd. from 39th to sw boulevard you can definitely feel a difference. Not only do I notice a huge increase in performance compared to other tubular and clincher carbon wheels, I also believe the braking is better than most aluminum rims as well. These things come with yellow swiss stop pads which are used, and they work like champs. The final ingredient to the wheelset is corsa-cx 23mm tires and challenge latex tubes.

Best part is these things retail at $1800, compared to the $2325 zipps and $2450 Reynolds.


  1. i was in my car at 1:30 today... lots of snow. you're an animal!

  2. That was about the weirdest ride ever. One minute, sunshine and no wind. The next minute, horizontal snow and frost-slicked roads. My bathroom looked like a slaughterhouse by the time I was done cleaning the Homeboy Bike off.