Friday, February 26, 2010

More Road

Spooky Road Frame. It is Aluminum, very light Aluminum.

Built with campy 10 speed ergo levers, 9 speed chain/cassette from Shimano. Chain/cassette should be changed every 2000 miles or so, this lowers your cost from $130 to just $40. After a couple rides and trainer rides the levers are broke in and super smooth. The frame itself is surprisingly stiff. I stood on it a few times and the bb doesn't move.

Complete it weighs 16lbs. I could lower the weight by upgrading the $30 post to an american classic or carbon post, antares saddle, 10 speed cassette/chain, and rear derailleur but in this weather it is hard to talk my self into it.

Velocity road cages come in all colors and are $8, 25 grams each.

Volker Bicycles has a 2 year anniversary party tonight from 5-6:30. Come by and drink some free beer before heading to critical mass, or whatever you do on friday night.

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