Saturday, August 1, 2009


1. Tried riding mtn. bikes today but it was too slick, ended up doing
some hill intervals in swope park area on the road. The Swope Trails
are coming along beautifully and phase 2 is now open. Hopefully we'll
get out to the thursday ride to there with the cx bikes soon.

2. Built up a few team bikes for CX. Wish I had pics, they are pretty
sweet. Pake C'mute with Reynolds fork and 2010 force/open pros
tubeless with hutch tires. Soma prestige steel frame was the other
wtih trp brakes, da10 shifters, and ea70 fork.

3. Built up my cross wheels too. King cross hubs (high flange) with
sapim lazer spokes, and ztr 355 32h rims. Complete weight is 1550
grams, not bad for bomb proof and super tubeless.

4 .Still don't know what frame I will ride for cross, guess I'll wait
and see what develops, 29er ss is good for now, definitely need
something by the time September rolls in.

5. I'm missing the show of my favorite band in the world. as I write this. Damiera, a
band formed by the front man of League, Dave, came into Volker looking
for a 17 degree stem. I guess my new lifestyle with the pregnant
wife/groceries/stuff/stuff/stuff/stuff to do puts my favorite band in
the back seat. I really haven't followed any other band in over 4
years. Ever since I really got into bikes, I quit, maybe I'll get
back into it, who knows.

6. Got hit by a car on 71/gregory on thursday. Lady ran a red and
tried turning and ran straight into me. wheels, frame, fork are
damaged as well as my back/shoulders/elbow. I can still ride, it just hurts a little more than it used to. Sorry David, looks like we have to look for a different bike for next season.

7. New jerseys are being ordered for cross, they will be cool.

8. Still stuck at 164lbs. It is hard losing weight.

9. If you're interested in what the 2010 jamis line looks like, email me what model you are interested and I'll send you pic and price.
2010 Jamis D29 Team Full Carbon 29er $5475

2010 Jamis Xenith Team $5575

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