Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Wheels and Tires

I love Wheels! Like Joe Fox says, "Wheels are my only weakness." I have a few sets I am selling which will hopefully cover my PowerTap. I am very excited to start using it. I used the Polar 600 with power last season and loved the I am taking a step up.

My wheels are very basic, 20 hole radially laced cx-rays with White Industry H2 hubs and Kinlin 30mm deep rims.

Rears is PT 24 hole laced with Cx-rays 2x to kinlin 30mm.

I love these kinlin rims. They are about $65, 460 grams and aero enough for racing but also light, stiff, and strong. The reason I chose these is mostly due to the fact that they are disposable as well as they are awesome! If I crash and destroy one, I am not out $500 for a new carbon rim.

This will be my only wheelset. It will be responsible for all the training miles on my road bike as well as racing miles. To handle this responsibility I need to go with Continental Grand Prix 4000 S Black Chili Tires. Though they are not the fastest tire out there (Vittoria evo-cx corsa) they wear twice as long and are just as light...I will be plenty happy with them especially since I will be using Velocity Veloplugs and Latex Tubes.

Also complimenting the wheels will be USE1 SpinStix and a Sram Red 11-23 Cassette.

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