Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Days!

I came into the series 3rd overall. I took the first prime to get 4 points which immediately put me in first overall. I just needed to place ahead of the 3rd and 2nd place. The 2nd place racer was from 360, there were probably 6 of them in our field and I believe only 1 of each other team was present. Somehow a Spec guy got off the front and since he wasn't in contention overall we let him go. Each lap was very hard and everyone was in the gutter the entire time, the crosswinds were brutal.

It came down to the final lap and Ben from vt attacked at the bottom of the hill. I caught him quickly and he kind of sat up. Eventually we were caught by 4 or 5 riders at the middle of the hill. I looked around and asked if there was a spec guy off the front, no one answered and everyone was breathing hard so I attacked right then and finished ahead of everyone getting 2nd overall and easily securing my 1st place overall gc.

Dan won 1st place for the overall in the 5 race and we were sure Brad had the 4 overall secured. The very first race the judges scored him with the 3's, even though he got the prime and took 2nd overall with the 4. You would have thought that since he was wearing a 4 number and finished with the 4's that they would have scored him correctly.

We told the judges, and they told us that we would have had to lodge a formal complaint. We did. Finally it came down to the judges figuring out the totals today and when we told them about where Brad was, they fixed it...suddenly a person from 360 and bike source freaked about it and the judges decided to leave it as is so Brad got 3rd overall even though he deserved 1st.

I am so glad I destroyed all those 360 racers now!

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