Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bad Days!

Today was the 3rd Spring Fling. 30 laps, prime on 25, 20, and 15. I stayed at the front the first few laps and figured I would go for the prime(I normally just go for 1 prime and save the rest for the finish.). Got 5th in the first prime, just outside of points, next prime came and I was 10 back, I decided to go for it and got 6th. 3rd Prime and got 4th...finally 1 point...right then a few guys slowly rolled off. I still didn't fully recover and then another group of 3 got off. I looked around and I was surrounded by Sprinters. No one was willing to work except Mark Cole and a 360 guy. I kept hoping we would get closer but slowly they kept getting a better gap. All the tt guys were off the front, none of them were in any of the sprints and all had fresh legs. I knew they would stick it with 11 laps to go so I attacked, 30 seconds down...I think I got it down to about 13 seconds but after 2 laps of busting my stomach quit working and I cramped up. I felt like quitting but got on to the group that I had previously abandoned and stayed till the end.

Got 11th overall...just enough for a couple points.

Legs really hurt now...hopefully I'll be good to go tomorrow. The 2009 DV46t UL's are glued up and ready to go!

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