Friday, July 11, 2014


There's been just a few things keeping me ticking this summer.  Being sick through the super races of June and July have made it hard to stay motivated. Showing up to the race knowing you don't feel super, knowing you're about to get your ass kicked, and still going through with it hoping you don't crash  and then have another guy stick his handlebar straight into your back at full speed, but it still happens.

Here's a few things making me tick this summer.

Volker just became an early rider dealer.  The bikes are made in the uk, belt driven, really light, and have every piece of component on the bike well thought out for any 4 to 8 year old wanting the lightest, smoothest 16" bike.  Once I go with some racing 1.35" tires, scandium chopped bars, a ritchey wcs trail 45mm stem, we'll be right at 7 lbs.

There's this too.  It's been a long time since I've felt something for handmade USA bikes that is so real, tangible, and most  Oddity bikes are the real deal, I want one, you should too.  Nothing like it anywhere.

Then there's cx.  It seems all the racing I am going to be doing is hopefully jumpstarting a super cx season.  Plans to go to SS worlds in Louisville and Nationals in Austin may fall through, but I hope they don't.

A 12lb.geared cx bike will be ready to test ride 3 weeks.  Be ready.  It's going to blow your mind how affordable, light, and perfect geometry will make pay me money.  The focus book is HERE!  The cx3 is on the only canti brake bike they have, and it's a 1300 gram carbon frameset!   The other bikes of note are the cx1 carbon disc with ultegra 11 hydro.....and the ax1 which is there affordable aluminum bike with sram22 hydraulic.

Today also got me on tires.  I've been saying for a few months about how excited I am for the new 33mm cubus...but there is also the limus and grifo team edition.  The team edition from challenge has this super cotton, that feels like an fmb...looks like and fmb, but is cheaper than the fmb...with the limus tread.

If you are talking tubeless though, I don't think you can go wrong with the tnt xl or xg from vittoria, get them, try them, you will like them. There will be a rider or 2 at the front of the cat 1/2 field on sl23s to xls...and also in the 3 field too.

 I also got in some 700x38 challenge 38mm tires.  They say gravel grinder on them, but they are just the chicane tread with bigger casing, that could go tubeless, we will see how that works.  400 grams isn't bad either for that big of tread.

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