Thursday, March 6, 2014


Industry nine has the best hubs from 2014.  Super fat axles, instant power engagement, super smooth, and super colors.  No worries about pre-load going out like the chris king either.  Pic from tons of colors.  

Pacenti wide sl23 aluminum clincher wheelset $600
Stan's Alpha 340 or 400 aluminum clincher wheelset $625
38 or 50mm carbon tubular, 23mm width.  $850
38 or 50mm carbon clincher 24mm width, $950

prices are for round spokes, silver nipples, add $80 for cx-ray bladed spokes, add $15 for colored nipples.

any type of mountain disc or road disc hubs available too, plus there super stock wheels with the proprietary spokes you can buy from us.

If you are riding saturday morning, we leave at 10am from volker on 39th, come in at 9:30 for free coffee, you'll probably need it.  37 mile loop, it's fun!

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