Friday, February 14, 2014


Once things start happening, I'll start writing some more.  For now, things are just slow.  For the past 104 days I have not really done a training ride, bicycle practice.  I've either raced, or just road to where I needed to go.  Usually it's 40 minutes to work, so most days I get almost 90 minutes in...but it's not any real riding, just base mile type riding...if that is even a thing.

This winter I wanted to be totally rested before I ramped up training again.   I don't plan on racing until April, and I've spent a good month of waking up in the morning and my legs not feeling absolutely shattered.  Yesterday on my way home to work, I took the long way adding another 40 minutes to the ride, I felt good, the kids were sleeping in the trailer, and it was nice out. Why not?   My legs in the morning had that joyous tingle of felt good to be back.

I'm spending a lot more time in the store.  Since we closed the 2nd store and moved everything to 39th, there's been more work. Making room, trying to keep things clean and organized, and selling stuff...things we haven't done in the 6 years we have been open.  It's getting better every day, one day hopefully it will be a place for you to want to bring your friend in to buy stuff and not feel embarrassed.

With all that work at the store, I'm focusing a lot of that energy on core workouts, whether I'm throwing the kids around, or just working, I'm trying to make sure my body is health, active and doing things that it's supposed to do without getting injured.

The other day I shoveled a race course in my front yard.

Ean is getting better on his bike. He'll be pedaling with Benon soon, and riding the skatepark when it gets warm again.

I am using  Instagram now.  Check it out.

I'm also building industry nine hubs to sl23 tubeless clinchers for $650.

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