Sunday, December 1, 2013

Saturday Penn Valley CX Race.

I raced in my backyard on Saturday.  My family had a 3 hour drive to get there, we were vacationing at Melissa's Parents house down south.

Riding the course in warm up, at slow speed, I found it agreeable, but at speed, I definitely did not find it giving me any advantages.  I usually enjoy punchy climbs, that last 10 seconds or so, with fast descents and twisty turns...but these turns weren't twisty, they were acute, sharp, skid to a halt and spin to pedal back up the hills.

I got a good start.

Kept the lead for a while.

Then I crashed.

Then I battled for 2nd for a short time before crashing again.  Then battled for 3rd until I crashed again.

The stakes were made of thick wood that didn't move...this bothered me a little. I'm used to riding the tape and stretching the course out at speed, and the wooded stakes messed that all up.

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