Friday, December 27, 2013

A Few Things Happened.

I raced my bike on my birthday.  It was a great course, a good scene, I just didn't have good fuel and didn't really go anywhere very fast.    The course was better than last year, a longer course with long grinding straightaway and challenging off camber turns.  The ground was heavy and even 32x15 on my ss felt over geared.  My knees hurt now.

Early this morning someone kicked open our front door at the 39th location, and stole 3 bikes, Picture Here.  These bikes do not have pedals installed, and the white/red marvel had bar mitts on it.  Please look out.  No one in kc has these 2014 bikes.

Super sale at the 18th st location.  50% off store wide and 40% off bikes.  Last chance saturday from 12-3.  Get there, then head over to Street Cred.

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