Wednesday, November 6, 2013

RAcing Update

This cx season has been tough to get good form for me.  Finally last saturday at colavita cup I was able to push through all the inhibitors I usually confront during a race and I actually suffered enough by the end to feel the "right" type of feeling you get after a cx race.  Blood in your throat, stomach turned upside down, legs burning, vomit taste in your mouth, head dizzy.  

My legs have never failed me yet, it's always my heart and lungs slowing me down, but not on saturday.

My hands almost let me down. I was preriding the course, riding all the sections I needed to, the last ditch before the start finish I took the left line, went over the bars landing on both my hands.  They did not feel well, have not felt well since. I usually wake up a few times with them being numb every night now.  

After I learned the good right line on the last ditch, I was pretty comfortable riding everything on the course but the barriers.

Sunday I raced the single speed and one the race.  BLVD cup is a 10 year long race, well run with a fun atmosphere.  It was a lot of work to win, and half way through the open race I gave up my 5th position to check out the podium...I knew I was going to be beat real bad going up that backside hill into the wind. 

I'm building super wheels and you should probably buy some.  If you don't want super carbon zipps, eastons, or ritcheys at 50% off, do this custom wheelset for $400.

laser 2.0/1.5 lightest spokes for riders under 170lbs. or 2.0/1.8 spokes for rider less than 240lbs. 

I said $400 for a 1400 gram wheelset!

Also doing an order for 38mm wider (27mm wide) rims, $180/ea.

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