Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vacation in Eureka Springs.

My wife and I made a weekend trip mountain biking in Arkansas last weekend.  We dropped the kids off on the way down there at her parents and made our first stop at slaughter pen.

It's a different type of trail. I wouldn't spend the day there, or more than 2 hours, but it was pretty fun, lots of skills type riding and a ton of climbing if you want to ride in the shade.

Next we headed to HOBBS.  We only road maybe 16 miles of the 24 miles.  It was nice.  All shaded, super flowy, little climbing, little rocks.  

Finally we hit our destination in Eureka Springs.  We stayed at the Red Bud Manor.  It's a 3 room b+b.  Melissa used our credit card miles to book our room.  But if you are looking to impress your lady friend, or experience the pinnacle of service, attention to detail, and friendliness, as well as the biggest, best breakfast with dessert, go here. 

After our breakfast the first morning, I uploaded Joe's gpx file from the race he did at Eureka Springs a while ago.   Leatherwood is huge.  We started out riding on the road on top of the hill and bombed into the trails, after about 10 miles we were starting to feel the heat and wanted to head back, but couldn't really navigate to a road to ride home on without back tracking so we kept on, eventually Melissa got a flat and we finally walked out of there.

It's here where we realized I didn't pack any pump, not a handpump, co2, or floor pump.  Luckily there's a good bike shop there that helped us.  If you need local knowledge, go here.  They also rent bikes, do float trips, and will rent cabins.

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