Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tour of Lawrence 2013 Criterium.

Not much to report.  The wind was good for the crit, but you only got hit by it through the headwind and tailwind sections since there were plenty of buildings to block the crosswind.  This made the race easy to sit in on and super hard to be off the front on.

There were lots of teams there with strong riders to bring back anything that got away.  I sat in for most of the race, with 5 to go I got a little off the front but didn't go anywhere so I sat up and tried to stay towards the front.

The course had 2 turns, then a long stretch into the headwind, then 6 turns right before the finish.  Going into the the 3rd turn on the last lap I was 10th or so inside, but we were about 4 wide and a guy attacked from the outside.  This caused all of us inside guys to grab a bunch of brake and by the time we were through the corner I was 40 back or so.  I started racing again and ended up 34th.

I've got a lot of orders for wheelz for cyclocross.  Dt Swiss 180 hubs, cx-ray, 38mm wide tubulars, 1100 grams, $1200.    1350 gram disc tubeless wheels $425.   $550 for 1170 gram 38mm wide tubulars, mango king r45 hubs to 38mm wide tubulars with black cx-rays, $850.

I'll be at 18th st from 12-6 today if you want something good.

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