Sunday, July 28, 2013

Farmhouse Classic

Perfect day for 100 miles of gravel.  Tons of hills, more than I expected, more steep too.  Joe put on a great ride with way more support than expected as well.

Here's the summary.

Made it 37 miles to checkpoint 1 after 5 dropped chains.

1 mile later the front tire blows.  Gravel gets all over the tire and rim. I take off my jersey to clean it all out, get a new tube in, and 10 miles later the tire is flat. One little itty bitty piece I must have missed.  Got another tube.

AT mile 55 the shifter broke.  We were stuck in the single speed on a tandem.  Made it to the 70 mile checkpoint.  Pumped up the front tire some more, Joe Fox filled our bottles and offered us cookies to eat.

We had the option to cut the course and finish around 77 miles, but we went on to do the final 30 coasting down all the hills and grinding up hill.  Finding ourselves 4 miles off course, southwest, we turned around and found the way back and eventually made it.

FMB order goes in this week.  $110, $130 for the tougher prestige sidewall.  Last chance to get the best tires you can get.

I'm at 39th today, 12-4, come in and buy the stuff you need.

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