Monday, July 8, 2013

2014 cyclocross bikes

I'm already seeing 2014 model bikes that will be available in August. Historically, when they say august, you can bet mid-september. And if they say mid-september, you can bet October, but maybe the boats will go faster this year.

Blue has done away with canti brakes, and carbon. They have 2 models. Both Aluminum frames, tapered full carbon forks. Sram apex with disc for $1650, or get the hydraulic sb700 10 speed bike for $2150 msrp. Upgrade to some 1400 gram disc wheels for $450.

It looks like soon enough, custom will be the only option for canti brakes.  Seems once the industry forecasts a new way to make money, they just go with it.  It doesn't matter if its better or not, its just different, and that is what sells.

First run of custom ti frames will be here in 3 weeks...hoping. It could be possible to build one up with a sram rival or 105 build for $2400 complete.

We have a jamis supernova team frameset in stock at 39th. It's super light, 54cm, Pick your parts...

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