Thursday, June 6, 2013


I'm looking to get a 9spd shimano clutch deraileur to run with a 10s 105 Shifter. 

If you know about clutch derailleurs, you know how awesome they are.  No chainslap, no dropped chains without chainguides on the ctankset.

I'm still looking for the above item, but while I was looking, I found 2 interesting and low cost options.for Cx and mtb setup.

X0 grip Shifter, 9 spd. $40
Xt + clutch shimano 10spd Derailleur $110
Then get 9spd cassette and chain, 1/9

Or for Cx, do
Campy 10s veloce Shifter $105
Or campy centaur Shifter $130

With Sram x9 10spd type.2 clutch Derailleur for $100

Add 10spd chain/casssette.

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