Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3 days of Tulsa

Not as hot this year.  I spent the last 5 laps of friday night telling myself not to crash, while I slowly gave up position to stay safe and ended up 37th.  I could have tossed a small stone and hit the guy who won from where I was, but that still only counted for 37th.

Saturday was a fun race.  With around 12 to go I started riding the front and getting into moves.  Eventually I was with 2 guys from California, and Jay from Tulsa Tough.  We were making pulls and Jay was in front of me.   We were going for 2 laps and had a good time.  Eventually, a rider who had bridged to us, decided not to pull up to the 2 riders behind me after I took a pull, and the 2 CA riders slowly rolled away as we slowly got realed in.

I stayed at the front until 4 to go, when my tire went flat, no free laps after 6.

Sunday was a better day.  I was at the front the last 13 laps or so, at the last corner of the last lap I was somewhere in the top 7, while the guy in front of me crashed straight in front of me.  I came to a stop, while 20 or so riders zoomed by me.  I got 25th.

I wasn't dissapointed with the race, It was fun and I felt like I had good fitness to go fast.  What I'm hating is how I road that last lap like I was comfortable in 5th/6th position guaranteed a top 15, even if I satup in the sprint. I had plenty left to attack that last lap, come down that hill in first, then guarantee a top 5 probably...

Tulsa Tough is still the best race in the midwest, by a ton.  Google it, youtube it, facebook it.  It's the best time on a bike.  It's worth the trip just to watch, even if you don't race. 

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