Sunday, March 10, 2013


My kids are getting Big.  Breaking a 11 month old trailer made me realize that. Sure, 10,000 miles might be the useful life of a baby stroller, but a bicycle trailer?

I'm looking into building a new one.  A good one. One that will last the next 3 years, at least till Benon starts school.  There are lots of ideas.  For a 2nd, I thought an ibert  up front for Ean and Benon on the back of the bike would work, but it doesn't. My knees hit the ibert when I pedal, and balancing a bike with an extra 60 lbs above the wheels is tricky.  Especially on my way home from the Monday night ride.

I've had some ideas for a trailer. Definitely want a tandem, meaning, Ean up front, Benon behind them.  More Aero.

I would buy this if I could,

There are 100 ways to haul your kids on your bike.  I need it to be aero, weather repellent, and safe.  Weather repellent meaning, wind proof in the winter, rain proof in spring, and sun proof in the summer.  Plus it needs to be comfortable for the boys to sleep in. 

I might just go to airparts, buy a bunch of 1" chromoly tubing and brass braze it all together, the frame.  Originally I was going to make the frame out of carbon, how cool, huh?  Be $30/foot in material vs $3/foot.  Plus if I'm hauling 100 lbs, who cares if it is 4 lbs. lighter than it could be?

 Wheels are easy too.  The rest of it will be hard.  There are 10 different directions I can go with.

I'm leaning towards a mini version of  this.  Make it even more aero.

My kids always fall asleep after an hour or so of cruising, this is great.

That is not the type of bike to ride 1200 miles on, but that sleeping quarters is right.

Roofs a little taller on this one.

These are all cool.But my kids would freeze their balls off in the winter.

 THIS is what I have in mind for the frame. I like how I could just get some burly 3x 20" front bmx wheels and pop them on.  Those radial laced wheels that have the qr and bolt on from one side suck.It won't take a day to make.  But the rest will be hard.  The exterior I could make a rocket ship, space ship, car, airstream, camper, anything really. I want it to be aero so I'm leaning towards a rocket ship.  Just need to find good material to make the interior/exterior out of.   

I need a pinterest.   HOLYCOW.  

At least I'm not this crazy.

But maybe this crazy.



trailer camper

made of wood


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