Monday, March 4, 2013

sub 15 lb. 29er? I think I can do it.

d29 team frame, 1300 grams
headset 90 grams
chinese tapered rigid fork 500 grams
paul 135mm fat bike hub for the rear with 16t cog 300 grams
28h crest rims 760 grams
56 sapim laser spokes and alloy nipples 280 grams
28h dt swiss 350 sp hub 130 grams
front brake system 350 grams
barro race geax 2.0 tires 980 grams
sealant 40 grams
hollow 9s chain for single, 76 links 175 grams

xx1 crankset, remove the spider with xx1 ring, install spiderless bling ring, sub 500 grams
pf30 bb 90 grams
skewers 90 grams

light bars 140 grams
light stem 110 grams (wcs c-260)
31.6 woodman post 200 grams
slr carbonio saddle 120 grams
woodman clamp 12 grams
esi grips 55 grams

obviously this is going to be fixed gear, magic gear, with just the front brake, no rear brake.  Still at 14 lbs. sans pedals here. I'm probably forgetting something.

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  1. You forgot to factor in the facial reconstruction when your bike snaps and you smash up your face. Probably get titanium jaw with ceramic bearings to save grams.