Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 There's a race this weekend, perhaps the best one of the year.  Check it often.  A cyclocross race in the West Bottoms.

 Then the real season starts.  I might be riding something like THIS.  Turns out, the icon bikes are all sold out, and will be for the next 3 months probably...

 Mar 3  perry, ks
10-Mar  perry, ks
17-Mar  perry, ks
24-Mar  ???
31-Mar  EASTER
6-7-Apr Manhattan, KS
14-Apr  Bazaar, KS(by Emporia)
20-21-Apr       Lawrence
27-Apr  Easton, KS
28-Apr  Leavenworth, ks-
4-5-May Manhattan, KS
10-11-12 May    ST. LOUIS
18-19 May       Salina
25-May  ??
26-May  ???
31-1-2 June     WICHITA
7-8-9 June      TULSA TOUGH
15-Jun  Walnut, KS
21,22,23 June   Tour of KC
28-30 June      Lawrence
6, July        231 Mile Katy Trail Record Attempt.
 13,  July      Double Century Nebraska Border Raid
20, July        KC road race state line

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