Monday, February 25, 2013


I'm reposting the race schedule again.  There are a few changes. As you can see, my plan is to do all the kbar races, starting with Bazaar.   This schedule looks pretty comfortable.  It's weird how I've been racing for close to 5 years, and I seem to do all the races I did 5 years ago, or close to it.  I've done Bazaar, Sheehan, Tour of KC, and Tour of Lawrence every year.  There are plenty of races like Froze Toes, Joe Martin, Tour of St. Louis, Gateway, lots of races I could do, but just haven't done them or feel like trying them out, I'd rather do races I've done before, or just stay home.

There seems to be a push towards non-sanctioned Events.  There's nothing like getting a good group together, and smashing 100 miles in a day, then having dinner together, everyone knowing full well who road the strongest, who suprised everyone with "stomach full of oatmeal," who sucked(who drank too much the night before).  There's a few of these on the list so far, maybe be adding a few more on the open weekends.  

 Mar 3  perry, ks
10-Mar  perry, ks
17-Mar  perry, ks
31-Mar  EASTER
6-7-Apr Wildcat Race Weekend
14-Apr  Bazaar, KS(by Emporia)
20-21-Apr       Lawrence
27-Apr  Easton, KS
28-Apr  Leavenworth, ks-
4-5-May Manhattan, KS
10-11-12 May    ST. LOUIS
18-19 May       Salina
25-May  ??
26-May  ???
31-1-2 June     WICHITA
7-8-9 June      TULSA TOUGH
15-Jun  Walnut, KS
21,22,23 June   Tour of KC
28-30 June      Lawrence
6, July        231 Mile Katy Trail Record Attempt.
 13,  July      Double Century Nebraska Border Raid
20, July        KC road race state line
28, July,    3rd Annual hundred miler, gran fondo, century drop ride.
24 August Gravel Worlds

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