Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Training Tubulars

Gatorskin measures 25mm wide, vittoria pave evo measures 23.8mm wide.   I'm thinking of popping on the gatorskin for racing through April...I know for sure I would like training on my race wheels. I genuinely feel that training on fast wheels makes you go harder than not. 

Vittoria, evo pave, 700x24 $150/pair.
Continental Gatorskin 700x25 $120/pair.

It's been a while since I've been jealous of another's ride...


  1. Curious about sealant? I like the idea.

  2. continental has a butyl tube, vittoria is latex. Continental is definitely better for bad roads, vittoria is better riding....not sure which sealant would be better for which, but stan's will work in either. VIttoria makes there pit-stop co2 deal that will air up your tire and shoot sealant in at the same time. I had a few guys on the gatorskin 22s all year last year, racing/training, tires lasted over 2k, never had a flat either...