Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cross off Cancer.

It stormed off and on for 24 hours.  All the bikes I saw between 11 and 1 that had raced had mud all over the tires, but not much on the bikes.   Dirt was dry almost by the ss race.  Good Pics and words here.

Joe was lined up for the ss race on a carbon frameset, carbon tubulars, french rubber, a good bike made to be light/fast.  There were a few other ss bikes rocking carbon tubulars too.  It gives me joy to say I only have 1 piece of carbon on my bike, the fork.

The race was pretty hard for ss, it was really windy, and more hillier than people say when describing the Theatre in the Park course.  Joe and I stayed together for a while, he was going good with a big gear, 42/18, I had 34/16, an easier gear.  He dropped his chain twice and manage to still chase me down, but on the last lap, he rolled a tire, he still chased, but I finished winning the race 5 seconds ahead, so he was coming.

The open race started 8 minutes later, I scrambled to get my bike ready, it wasn't.  After a lap, I was with the lead group, there were 4 of us going pretty good, my bike sounded like I was carrying a bunch of loose change.  Rattling all the time, all over the place.  I though it could be my front wheel, or my headset.

At the end of the 2nd lap, I stopped after the barriers, to check, I didn't want my bike spontaneously com-busting after riding it all day in bad shape.  The front wheel bearing felt fine, the rear felt fine, the headset, I couldn't tell, but I knew it had to be the headset at that point.  So I just road it.  I chased for a while, didn't gain any ground on the group of 3 all by myself in the wind.  With 3 to go I was riding with Micah, then with 2 to go A Coe caught us and dropped us after crashing in the first lap, he eventually finished 2nd.

By the end of the race, I was tired, I was on Micah's wheel in the last corner, but didn't have no power to even think about trying to get around him.   I got 6th, and $20.  Plus another bikesource gift card from the ss race.

My last shipment of 23mm wide, 50mm carbon tubular rims came in.  I have 3 sets left to sell.   1200 grams, $500.  This man is pretty pumped about the disc wheelset I build with them.  $790 with tufo flexus cubus tires glued.

Or how about a 29er carbon tubeless wheelset, $500?  1440 grams. Blacked out!

Or super mud FMB made in france rubber. 700x32 tires, $90 each. 

Lots of CYCLOCROSS bikes to buy. Bring in your friends  to 39th.

54 and 56 2013 focus cx2, ultegra full carbon, was $3k, now $2200.
 56cm ax1, ultegra, was $2170, now $1300.
Jamis nova pro 54cm used. $950
Focus 52 or 54 ax3, 105, was $1370, now $880.
Blue xs 48 sram apex bike. Was $2100, now $1200!

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