Monday, September 17, 2012

Cyclocross Race

I check the weather every hour leading up to Manions.  It looks like the weather will do its thing.  We've had pretty good luck every year with it.  Plus the whole course is on the side of a hill, so if it does rain, the water goes down the hill and the ground stays pretty hard. 

Everything is lined up right.  Most of the course is staked.  We have free coffee, food from potpie, and TALLGRASS BEER is lined up. 

If someone bought my wife this chair, I'd give you $150 in stuff from volker.  I get all the bike stuff I can afford, she don't get nothing, so buy her that chair.

Benon's birthday is oct 13, he told me wants this, in case you wanted to get him a gift.

I still haven't touched my bike. Frame is still sitting in an empty cardboard box. I raced the little show/go race on the ax1.  It's from Focus, it's great, for $2170, it's a steal, but you could buy one $1450 just as easily. 

I weighed the new red cranks, the new one.  On paper, I think they said w/chainrings they are 555, and the old red ones are 580 grams.  If 25 grams is the difference, I debated on using the newer ones, but I took off the chainrings, and just the crank arms weighed 360 for the new, versus 480 for the old.  120 grams is worth it, especially since I have them off my spooky which was sold over the weekend.

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