Monday, September 10, 2012


I haven't blogged in days.  I hate that word, but it's true.  It's been busy, it's the season where I'm so fixated on what I'm about to experience that I barely have time to put it in black and white detail.

Plus, my fingers are numb from the 27 tires I glued over the weekend, plus building 1370 gram $450 tubeless wheels.   All the coffee in the world will not save me this week.

Both my cx frames are still hanging up, untouched from December, 2011.  I managed to peel off the road tires from my tubular set, but no tires yet. 

My family made a big move last week, emptied our rental house, got most of our stuff back to KC.  In two weeks we'll be full time Kansas Citians again.  Just in time for MANION'S.  

You heard it here first, show and go race, Sunday night, this sunday, 6 days from now, in midtown.  More details coming.

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