Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sitting Down.

A man sent me this article today.  I can't read it.  Blew straight over my head. Maybe when babies sleep I will understand it better.  Or maybe you can explain it in a 5 sentence summary.

The main thing that stood out to me was the following....

"  Highly fit cyclists typically will not improve from further increased training volume (with enough volume they will actually get worse), whereas lower fit cyclists will almost always improve with increased training volume.  Also, unfit and poorly fit cyclists can dramatically improve their fitness using nearly any HIT protocol, whereas highly fit cyclists not only exhibit considerably smaller gains, but in many cases they will not make any improvements at all with a HIT protocol that is not correctly designed for them (intensity level,  repetitions, rest duration, and frequency)."

It makes me believe I've been doing it right the past 6 weeks.  With the exception of Tour of Lawrence, I have been doing a lot of sitting.  Not much training at all.  So perhaps, if I spend the next 6 weeks training hard, I will see dramatic improvements from where I am now. 

So what I'm guessing is, if you spend the entire season "going for it" this article says you are most likely to get worse, but if you take a few weeks out of each section of training and sit down, you will be able to improve more and not "get worse."

This is a perfect example how 100 people can read the same text and take it in a million directions.

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