Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Pieces

Chris King has some good thing coming out, including a PF30 bottom bracket.  Other things worth mentioning are the spoke counts on the road hubs, now going down to 16h/18h front, 20h rear.  If you weight 150lbs. or less, and want a 1140 gram tubeless clincher wheelset for $800 with any ck hub color, 18h front, 20h rear, look no further. If you are heavier, do the 24h rear, adds 20 r45 hubs here.

Want ck road disc hubs?  Look here!

The more I look at this 29er, the more I want it.  It's $3500, retail, for frame/fork/headset.  Buy the frameset and you get 50% off an xx1 group.

Zipp has 202 firecrest clinchers coming, click, shipping October.  No tubulars though.  Supposed to be less than 1350 grams, 32mm deep, 25mm wide. I can't wait till they come out with a 25mm deep 30mm wide carbon rim. Wider is better.

This is a good read. I especially like the picture with the chart showing which part of the pedal stroke goes to which muscle.

With all the weight I'm shaving on the cx bike, these may be the next step.

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