Thursday, August 16, 2012


I made some rice cakes this morning.  It was pretty easy.   I made 2 kinds.  I did it with 1 burner.  I boiled 6 cups of water with sea salt.  Added 4 cups of rice, set the timer for 20 minutes and stirred a few times. 

While the rice was cooking, I took out 8oz of bacon and cut it up in small pieces.  Last time I made cakes, I cooked whole pieces and then cut them, that sucked.  It sucks worse to cut raw bacon, but it does cook crispier and eats better. 

After the rice had cooked for 15 minutes, (5minutes left on the timer), I took it off the heat and covered it. Then I put a pan on the same burner, 1 minute later I cooked half the bacon. When the bacon was half way cooked, I added brown sugar and kept stirring.  After it was cooked, I drained the grease. It takes a while for bacon to cook to crisp.  After the first batch, I added the 2nd batch of bacon and started my sweet cakes.

I filled my pan with rice.  Since I didn't have chocolate chips, the only thing chocolate I had were dark chocolate covered espresso beans.  I stirred the beans into the rice and the chocolate melted quickly, turning the rice brown.  I also squeezed  a lemon into the rice before starting to stir.  Next I added blueberrys.  The recipe calls for blackberries and mint, but I didn't have either, and blackberries cost.

The sweet cakes are done and the bacon is cooked.  I empty the pan, empty the grease, and had 4 eggs stirred into a bowl standing by. I turned off the burner, since the pan was still super hot, and poured the eggs in.  3 minutes later I had cooked eggs.  I poured the rest of the rice into the pan, poured in the eggs and bacon, and stirred. 

Once you are satisfied with the pan, you take something clean and flat and press firmly down, to make the fluff into bars.  Just press down so everything is compact together.    I set them outside to cool, it keeps my house cool that way. Once they are cool, I put them in the fridge and add a lid. 

I had to buy milk/eggs yesterday, and they had a huge box of donuts, a full dozen for $1.50.  I thought about it, then bought donuts, ate 6 of them yesterday, and now I'm sick today.  Lesson learned.

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