Monday, August 6, 2012

2013 Jamis Icon

Jamis has a new race bike coming. Its an all aluminum frame that weighs the same as there pro carbon frame. It's bb30, tapered headtube, looks real good.

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2013 Jamis ICON

Looks to be a 105 spec with mavic wheels for $1600.  Or 15 lb. Ultegra with ksyrium wheels for $2600.

I've ridden that havocstaff all season, with occasionally hopping on a carbon bike for group rides. I also raced a carbon bike for 3 years before going back to aluminum. I can tell you aluminum rides faster, its stiffer, and it responds the way a bike should.

A frame costing 3x as much and is just as stiff and is lighter cracks the second you ride it into a wall at 25 mph. 

My spooky havocstaff has clearance for 29s too, but has the same geometry as every other fast bike, its really good that way. It's for sale, $550, normally $950.  $550 is the solid price, I'll keep it and race it next year if I don't get it.  If I do get $550, I'll probably buy another one towards the end of February.

I will wait to see what everyone else does with aluminum.  Specialized has a 15lb. aluminum frame road bike, limited edition coming.  Cannondale has always produced solid aluminum racers.

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  1. Have you seen any info on the ICON PRO? looking for complete spec like you posted for the Elite?