Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More on Pedals

I've got a few miles in on the speedplays. My first day, I did 2 hours of trailer pulling with blade on the right foot and speedplay on the left.  It wasn't too noticeable.    The speedplay has the in/out adjustment, which is what most people prefer on the zero pedal.  Plus you can shim it up if you have a weird fit issues.  I don't, I just hop on and ride.  I'll have my blades back on for this weekend at grove.  I'm not 100% confident in the zero pedal yet.  Just not enough time with them.  In all honesty, if someone gave me $250 today, I'd sell my ti blades and ride the zeros, and if someone paid me $200 for the ti zeros, I'd sell those and ride the blades. Kind of a toss up for me.  I know most people are really into their fit and the way their bike is, but I am not.

The thing that I hate is the cleat on the speedplay, just hate walking around on it, on concrete, feels like I'm crushing them.

I've got room for 1 more if you want to go to tour de grove.  Leave kc by 1pm friday, come back before 6pm sunday.

If you have ever wanted a Pinarello in the Black on Black color scheme, now is your chance. they are all 30% off, even the dogma 2.

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