Monday, April 9, 2012

vo2 test

I did the first of vo2 tests. They have 3 participants, they need 15 more. They have a pretty open schedule but prefer the mornings between 6 and 9am.

They are comparing the effects of static stretching to cycling. I don't really like the vo2 max test in the first place, there is no recovery. You start out in a easy gear and every 2 minutes it gets harder. Just a steady pain increase until you can't go any more. The first test I did was with 15 minutes of required stretching. After the 15 minutes, I was pretty sore and felt heavy. I knew I wouldn't do to well but for some reason I was telling myself that I should do better stretching than not. This friday I do the test without stretching, they claim I should do better. We'll see.

Click forstudy 1

If you want to do the test, its pretty cool. I would recommend doing it. It takes just an hour. From the time you walk in to the time you walk out. Its at rockhurst unniversity, 50th/troost.

I built up a set of wheels to sell. They are hed 50mm deep rims made for radioshack racing. 24 holes front and rear. They are super wide, 23-24mm. Rims were used a few times, brand new cx-ray spokes and alloy nipples. Brand new c-4 made in usa hubs, 210 rear, fh-80 front. $600.

I got little stubby aero bars. I don't think I'll have a tt bike for herman or joe martin, I'm going to try these this week and maybe try something bigger if I don't feel fast enough. These are light, super easy to install, and $40.


  1. Cool - it looks like your VO2 max is 60 at 267kcal, which equals 320 watts. Do you know what your power output was at Aerobic threshold?

  2. No idea how much it is. Haven't tested it. I'm not really into tests.