Monday, April 2, 2012


Riding the past 8 days have not been good. I road 25 miles saturday morning. So from wednesday afternoon till now, that is my only ride. Kids have both been infected for the past 14 days. They are finally good, no fevers at least. I'll be hauling them in my trailer this week and hopefully sending them to day care for a few hours wed/thurs as long as they don't get sick. No racing again this weekend. Then it gets pretty busy.

4-15 Bazaar RR
4-21,22 Tour of Herman
4-25-29 Joe Martin
5-6,7 ????
5-10,11,12 Tour de grove.

I do not have a tt bike, so the tour of Herman is looking less and less appealing. I've never done the race, the people who have say its really good, worth the drive, etc. I need the racing miles, especially before a race like Joe Martin. I've been waiting on this. Its a really good bike for the money, but it isn't even on the boat yet, so I'm guessing 3-4 weeks away at least. Probably find some clip on bars.

The 6th/7th there is racing in Iowa city and in Lacrosse, WI. A friend moved there 2 years ago, it'd be cool to be up there to race, but traveling after joe martin isn't too realistic, especially with tour de grove, following it. Tour de grove is a fun weekend, I am looking forward to it. It's the start of crit season.

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