Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Riding Weekend.

My wife is going to a Doctor conference in AZ.  For a few months I have been planning on racing the big Joe Martin Stage race.  I have never done this race before.

It is a huge commitment.

About $150 in entry fees.  3 nights in a hotel.  4 complete days.  Add gas, lodging, and food and I might have a bill of $500 to race my bike, then add the time away from the store that I have to pay someone else to be there.

Eventually, sunday night, I pussed out.  I only race 48 miles of the 90 before the flat and I am not in good condition.  Had I raced the full 90, and finished strong, I'd be writing checks right now to go to Arkansas.

The other reason, I like icecream.  A lot.  Having made the decision Sunday that I wouldn't be doing the most toughest stage race in within a 5 hours of here, I had much more freedom.  A huge weight off my shoulders.  I ate 3 boxes of icecream.  Cookie dough, chocolate, peanut butter cup.  They all tasted good.  More satisfying than finishing the stage race as far as I am concerned .

Another thing about pussing out, I am doing this. I am scared. I'm scared to pay $150, commit 4 days to an event, have a mediocre tt against a ton of fit cat 1/2 racers, then get slaughtered in the 109 mile road race, then either not make the time cut, or make it, only to race another 90 miles the next day, then make that, to race one of the toughest crit courses in the nation.  You crash, or flat, don't make the time cut, your done. You can't race the next day.  I'm not sure if I would be hoping to not finish or not.

So, I'm saving some money, going to ride to KC from Pittsburg today in 90 degree heat. 130 miles.  Going to work all day thursday, friday, saturday, ride my bike after work, maybe mtn. bike, sleep a solid 7-8 hours each night with no interruptions, and race Sheehan on Sunday, the best road race in the KC area.

Then ride back down to Pittsburg.   If someone is going to sheehan, who is traveling south after, let me know.   I ride to Paola, or garnett, or iola, or ottawa, or anywhere south would help.

4-29 Sheehan
5-6  Classic Ride
5-11,12 Tour de grove.
6-2-3 Riverfest crits, wichita. 
6-8,9,10 Tulsa Tough
6-22-24 Tour of KC
6-30 Lawrence Circuit
7-1 Lawrence Crit 

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  1. July 15 = Mountain Bike race in Eureka Springs Arkansas. I really want to go and you should to! im about to spread the word and try to make this happen.