Sunday, January 1, 2012

#Rapha500 Day 7, final. 55 miles.

Road 10 miles in the morning. Then road another 20 toandfrom the local cyclocross race. At the race, I road 2 miles to warm up, then 13 laps of the 2.5k course for another 20. Then another 3 to finish.

The race went ok. A local clif bar pro was in town. Me, Shadd, and him were off from the start, then 1/2 way through the first lap I crashed really hard on a 180 going way too fast with way too much pressure in my tires. Stuck my right knee in the ground real hard and knocked my front wheel loose. Started running while loosening my skewer, straightening my wheel, then re tightening. Thankfully I didn't crash again and ended up 8th.

Awesome race, great course, free beer.

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