Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Ever since I got my mtn. bike, I've wanted it 1x9. It hasn't happened cuz its bb30 shell, and I don't want to run an adapter. No one makes a 32, 34, or 36t ring for either the 386 or the 120/80 bcd so I've been out of luck for a while.

I'm going to order this. Also might try a 37t e.thirteen ring as well. We'll see how that feels with an 11-34 on the back. Also going with this. Dropping 1/2 lb. from my already light white bros. rigid carbon fork. I should be riding a 20lb. bike before long.

Gears are so complicated. I was completely satisfied with my fully rigid steel jamis exile setup. I hurt my legs too much with it, since most of my trail riding days are recovery days I thought I needed gears.

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