Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday Ride.

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Got in some good dirt miles on monday. Got lucky. Dr. is working in coffeyville, about 30minutes from her parents house, so around 2pm grandma says she's done with chores for the day so she can watch the kids. I road a ton of rocks. All the nice dirt roads got graded and there were tons of rocks everywhere.

I put 27mm challenge roubaix tires on last week. 85psi and off I went. It was like riding a fs bike on trail, super smooth and cushy.

Today I am not so lucky. There are some sick calves that need "worked", ground that needs "broke", and taxes to do.

So I am with the kids and am trying to "plank" a minute or so every half an hour, I don't remember it being so hard.

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