Sunday, December 4, 2011

State Champs, (Boss Cross)

We had good mud saturday. The kind that is super wet and not super sticky.

Today, we had super dry, super sticky mud. Pretty Miserable. I was winning the race half a lap in. Then I let Travis get by me right before the huge mud hole.

There was some awesome firepower at this race coming from the eastern side of MO. I'd say there were probably more east side riders at this event as a whole than KC had, kind of sad since there's been so much complaining about all these dry dustbowl crit courses. I don't care really, the people who were there were having a good time, smiling and riding their bikes in 40d weather, thanks to the awesome promotion once again by Joe and Jeremy.

After 3 laps I was in 5th. I was behind Josh Johnson, Travis Donn, Daniel Miller, and John Schottler. All guys who are way faster than me so I wasn't battling to get back up there, they were way gone, but there were quite a few guys on my tail. Those guys in front, they all had pit bikes and guys helping them in the pits getting them fresh bikes. I didn't even bring a pit bike. After my poor leg performance on saturday I didn't think I'd last 3 laps anyway. It was the opposite today, good legs, good riding, but eventually my bike didn't want to move. It had to have more than 30 lbs of mud on it and the cranks barely turned and the wheels wouldn't go either. I rolled into the pit and Mark and Theresa of helped me out with a few brushes and bucket of water. 5 minutes later my bike is rolling again and after two laps it was getting bad again, the mud was definitely getting worse as the race went on.

Travis bought some Super Mud tires from me last week and road them on his A bike. Hands down he says they were better than any other tubular he's had, twice as good as the limus(on his b bike). If you don't want to listen to me, thats fine, but don't listen to the 40+ dudes talking up their free tires while the guy beating shottler and miller is doing it on handmade in france tires.

I ended up 8th out of 12 riders. I know this because the results are up online. Its alot different now than it was a few years ago. The people working the events, Sherri in particular gets all the races off on time, all the racers scored right, and 9/10 times the results are posted that night! Used to be a week before results were up on time. We have it pretty good.

Congratulations to SC. He got 2nd on saturday to a very fast racer, winning the entire Boss Cross Series. Maybe he'll blog about it. Maybe not.

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