Monday, December 12, 2011

KS State Champs

Course on sunday had a few modifications to it from Saturday. Still lots of pedaling with fast turns and a tough run up.

Field was smaller today, but everyone was fast. I was in 4th after a few turn. Chasing Joe S., Andrew, and Ben S. Then Jp passed me and eventually Bill S., Adam M, David Hejduk and a few others caught me. The course had some long fast straights with lots of wind.

Everything else after this was kind of blury. I got dropped by the group, then Hejduk attacked them and they let him ride away while Ben S. sat up, too tired.

JP was also otf chasing Coe for a while, then I heard his back started hurting so he quit.

The course had lots of forgiveness. Plenty of places to catch your breath and still go fast. Lots fast turns that you could really drive.

I caught back with the chase group of 4 with 3 guys up the road, Joe, Andrew, David.

Eventually Adam and I road away and we had 5 to go I think. It was hard racing. I knew Adam was fast, so I never put in any really hard attacks, I didn't want to hurt myself because I knew he could get around me and leave pretty quick. Before 1 to go he road away. I probably could have stayed with him but by then I was mentally beat. I ended up 5th.

The usac points thing seems pretty jacked up after last weekend. Getting 5th place in a local race with 12 starters gave me way better points than getting 3rd behind Tilford/Mills at Cross out cancer. I'm not complaining about better points, its just interesting to watch.

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