Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dizziness, rides, sales.

I've been getting really dizzy ever since Thanksgiving. Usually if I'm looking down and look to the right or left really quick and sets in, gets really dizzy and I have to sit down. Or if I lay down with my head turned to the right or left its super dizzy. Thankfully, I don't get dizzy when I am on my bike. Its only when I go from laying to standing or sitting to standing. The first time it happened, I was getting up at 3am to get my kid back to bed who was yellin. As I was walking down the hallway I was literally bouncing off the walls side to side, just couldn't walk in a straight line. I didn't think anything of it, just went back to sleep, only for it to happen again.

I asked a friend, who told me about how he was super dizzy all the time for a while, and how there was a magical easy treatment.

Procedure to fix it.

I've tried it once. It almost made me throw up. When I lay down with my head to the right, it was insanely dizzy. Normally I straighten out my head and the dizzyness goes away. Since you have to keep your head on each side for 2-3 minutes, it just got deeper and deeper. I think I'll have to do this procedure 1 or 2 more times to be cured, I hope. If not, I might have a really bad ear infection or possibly a bad brain. I am looking into health insurance for me and the two boys this week.

Big Ride This Sunday!

Big Sale Tomorrow, Friday! Carbon bikes in practically every size, super cheap. Free lifetime tune ups and 50% off everything you want with the bike.

Big Gravel ride in Lawrence Saturday. I can't be there, but you should be there! Its free.

2012 KCA race calendar.

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  1. Check your blood pressure. That might have something to do with the dizziness.