Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jingle Cross Iowa City Day 2 2011

Race start was 12:30. It had been raining all night, and temp was about 39d. Rain was supposed to stop at 12 but it never did, I think it even rained harder after the start.

I had a descent start, the start was the same for friday and saturday. About 400 meters, then a nice left into a 180 right turn. It kind of sucked to hit at speed. Last year start I really liked, super windy turning that you could take easily at speed. This year, it was a corkscrew that really stacked it up.

At about 50 meters before the turn I stopped pedaling and about 8 guys went around me from either side. It was chaos. The ground was super wet and mud was flying everywhere. I could barely see with my old contacts and the mud.

I made my way back up to 5th or so before the ride up.

The way up krumpit today was like the friday race last year. It was rideable for a while, eventually the dirt was too slick and if you didn't have momentum, you had to run. Being 5 riders back, we all ended up up running.

The descent was treacherous, as ST said. I was able to run down it really fast, I didn't have a problem with it.

From further down the hill.

I didn't crash the entire race, I just couldn't keep up with the leaders riding/running up the mountain.

I had the same problem with my heart again, it spiked really bad and I couldn't really recover the whole race so I ended up racing the whole thing riding at about 50% power.

Mud was everywhere, it was good mud, fresh and wet so there were not as many broken bikes as you'd think.

I ended up 7th, I could see 4th place the entire last lap, just couldn't get up there. 40 minutes is too short to race.

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