Saturday, November 12, 2011

HPT Tonight, Road Ride Sunday.

HPT in topeka tonight. This has been my favorite race since I started cross racing. Historically, this is in the only race in the area that you pray for a dry race. Last year it rained all week, and it was tough. Lots of running, tons of thick, cakey/peanut butter mud. We haven't seen much rain all season, so hopefully the ground is solid, which I'm betting it is.

Got in the new pdx tubulars. Same tufo construction, super seamless basetape adhesion. Super burly, bombproof tread construction too. These are tires that will last a few seasons, $100 each. They are tubeless, so you can use sealant. They weigh 350 grams, which is way lighter than limus tires.

FMB order comes in this week. I have a set, maybe 2 of the new super mud tires that have not been called yet. $190/pair.

Sunday, 1pm. Leave from 39th. Road ride, 3-4 hours tempo riding. I doubt I'll make it past 3 hours myself, haven't been on the bike that long for while. Can't wait. Gonna be 60/sunny.

Everyone is invited to the 39th st. road ride, we leave sharp at 1pm, so come early if you're habitually late or have bad luck with street signs.

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