Friday, October 7, 2011

First Friday.

Today is the first friday of OCTOBER. That means, THIS! Its a good one! Plus, we'll have free beer.

New hours and changes.

Downtown store open tuesday-fri, 12-6, sat. 11-3.

39th still the same, 11-6 m-fri, 10-4 sat.

I won't be at either store monday-thursday. We've got a life change going on and we will be out of the city on those days but will be back thurs. night till sunday night. It will be like I'm not even gone, except I'll not be at the monday "recovery" ride, the tuesday universe race, or the wed. swayze cx race.

If you need anything from me, you can always touch base at the volkerbicycles at but I will not be working on your stuff those days, unless you bring it down to me in Frontenac, KS.

Someone asked if I can do chris king or dt swiss hubs, the answer is yes. Pick any r45 color from KING! They ship in 5 days, and there are 10 colors or so, they are light, the rear is about the same as the c-4 and front is 30 grams more, but stronger. If you want bling, these are it.
CK R45 hubs or DT hubs add $300 to the $700, so $500 up front, $500 when they are rolling.
Rims are 38mm 20/24 or 16/20, 50mm in 16/20 or 20/24.

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