Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Going back to 34/16. 32/14 didn't last long at all. Part of it was the 175mm long crank arms, other was the q factor, super wide, probably 2cm wider. I raced my ss last night at universe race, The gearing of 32/14 was good for the first 2 laps, but it got hard with all the short steep hills. I think since I am planning on doubling up most races if I race ss, I need to have a much easier gear.

I think I clipped my pedal almost every corner, having a super wide q factor and longer crank arms does that, so back to 34/16 I go.

I raced a flexus cubus tire in the front last night. It felt really grippy. At speed it didn't slow me down like I thought it would.

I've sold out of flexus primus tires(1 left) and sold out of fmb gripo xl. It looks like I'll either glue a cubus up front with flexus rear, or wait a week or two for the new fmb super muds to show up.


  1. 34-16 is where it's at. BTW---you ever order a 16T freewheel?